The Halberd is a Vaul aerospace strike drone.

Producing a working starfighter to match the other air forces of Koprulu is no small feet. One thing to factor in is the total cost of building a single fighter. For the Zerg, they tended to mutate their flyers by the handful with approximately the same number of resources. While the Vaul are capable of constructing powerful ships for aerospace domination, they are still very expensive to build like the Protoss. This could be potential fatal as enemy forces could attack bases and shipyards, while frigates and battleships are in the middle of being built. To counter this flaw, the Vaul decided on developing the Halberd-series assault fighter.

Because of their high level of maneuverability and versatility, the Vaul decided to base their new fighters off Protoss Interceptor and Corsair schematics (Starcraft II concepts: Escort). Rescaled to roughly the same size of a Mutalisk, Halberds retain most of their predecessor's speed and mobility with greater endurance and firepower. A curved wing design allow these small fighters to charge and focus their anti-proton blasters to destroy both ground and air targets (Beast Wars: Transwarp cruiser; Battlestar Galactica: Raider). Despite their size, Halberds are equipped with powerful shield generators giving them endurance equivalent to an Arbiter. This prevents stationary defenses from quickly destroying them due to their relatively small health. Usually found in large wolf packs, Halberds are often side-by-side more specialized attack craft to close off any weaknesses.

Halberds can also Interface with other air units by transforming into a powerful attachment. While equipped, Interfaced units usually gain the fighter's powerful shield to bolster their own defenses (Transformers: Skyboom shield). Though not invincible, the extra shield power makes anything interfaced with Halberds practically a flying Ultralisk. Some units are capable of gaining extra power or weapons while combined with these fighters.

Special abilities:

  • Interface/Eject - units gain 150+ Shield Points, and +50 Energy (for spell casters). Can unlock new weapons for certain units

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