Harbingers are large, heavily armored warships, created through the addition of Xel'Naga technology to the Carrier.

Overview Edit

Like the Carrier, the Harbinger has powerful shields and, in addition to Quad Pulse Cannon armaments, carries a number of small fighter-type drones called Shuriken that it launches, surrounding and swarming a target, doing little damage individually but significant damage when combined whilst maneuvering rapidly, making them difficult to destroy. The Harbinger's hangars can house much more than Shuriken, and often carry Scouts, Corsairs, and even Arbiters.

The shields of the Harbinger warship are specialized to block incoming ground to air attacks in their entirety, and are therefore seldom brought down by attacks from below. As such, their weaknesses lie in air to air combat, and the Harbinger rarely engages enemies without Corsair support.

Harbingers often serve as command centers for fleet commanders, and are capable of making jumps through warp space. Harbingers can operate in both atmospheric and deep space conditions. When not on the bridge, a Harbinger commander is entitled to his/her own quarters.

Harbingers can fire energy beams from their front sections; enough beams inflict purification on a planet.

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