Harpy Brood

The Harpy Brood and its cerebrate, Thauka, were created to fill the lost Charybdis Brood's role is to find new races suitable for assimilation into the Dark Swarm.

The Harpy Brood's faction color is yellow.


Once such a suitable species has been identified by the Harpy Brood, it is hunted down until it is either assimilated or eradicated. The Harpy Brood will also systematically hunt down and eliminate opponents of the Dark Swarm. Forces of the Harpy Brood are primarily made up of Corruptors and Harpies, occasionally overseen by a Dark Baroness. The creatures of this brood are known for their formidable tracking skills and their deadly efficiency.

Special StrainsEdit

The Harpy Brood utilizes specialized Brood Lord assault strains called Harpies to abduct suitable species for assimilation before destroying all failed candidates.

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