Hassatar Praetor Artificer of the Kli'Flosis Tribe

Hassatar is a loyal friend of Xel Hassodin. He belongs to the "Twilight Templar" caste and as such is quite a powerful soldier on the field of battle. He possesses the same psychic prowess as a High Templar, with the light-bending cloaking of a Dark Templar. Hassatar prides himself as an inventive artificer. His ship, the Esquetar is a perfect example of his inventive nature, being entirely self-created using modified Interceptor designs.

The Esquetar looks like an arc-bound Interceptor with a slight size increase so as to harbor a cockpit large enough for two protoss men. The ship possesses many weapons, and the remarkable ability to reassemble itself into a terrain-walker mode. Among the ships armaments are twin Thermal Lances and Ion Cannons.