The Helix module is a plug-in that allows for the Vaul to research and construct more advanced technologies.

Xel'Naga knowledge is coveted by every race known in the Koprulu Sector. Most of it was either lost when the Zerg attacked or hidden away and encrypted to prevent theft. Once activated these mini-pyramid shaped Modules unlock secrets to Xel'Naga histroy and technology never before seen by anyone. This includes detailed knowledge of how the Protoss and Zerg were altered. By incorporating the data into research, higher level units can be produced beyond normal limits.

Special abilities:

  • Hardware/Software - shifts between solid to digital forms. In solid Hardware form, building performs basic functions and recharges shields. In digital Software form, building can move to compatible structures, but cannot do other functions and has no shielding
  • Unlocks higher tier units and research
  • Allows for units to upgrade +2 levels above normal armor and weapon limits with no cost

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