The Hellbat is an upgraded variant of the Hellion.

Using transformation servos similar to Vikings, the vehicle can switch between a four wheeled raider to a humanoid walker. In its walker form, the Hellbat sacrifices speed for greater armored defense. The top mounted flamethrower remains as its primary weapon, but some pilots have used the shield arms for emergency melee strikes against more fire resistant assailants.

Some mercenary groups have also customized their Hellbats with alternate weapons and nonstandard equipment. These include black market mods and stolen experimental technologies.

Special abilities:

  • Hellion/Hellbat Mode - alternates between land raider to walker depending on situation

Campaign UpgradesEdit

  • Weapons Refit: unit uses a different weapon depending on what is equipped
    • Rail Gun - deals +10 damage against armor with +5 range
    • Gatling Cannon - deals 12 damage against light with +300% attack rate
  • Nitro Boost - increases speed by +150% for limited time
  • Jump Jets (passive) - unit can jump across and down cliffs


  • For more information see Hellbat on the parent site

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