Burn the Skies!

The Hellcat Squadron is a former UED Expeditionary Force element during the Brood War. Like their compatriots from Spartan Company, they became mercenaries operating customized Valkyries.

Hellcat Squadron is often hired out by fringe worlds, cargo companies, and space platforms for escort and patrol missions against pirate raiders and alien invasions. Rivals to the Dusk Wings, they are often at odds for contracts outside Dominion space.

To keep up with evolving technology in the Sector, the Hellcats upgrade their frigates with the latest weaponry they can acquire. One of which is the addition of detachable Plasma torpedo modules (Gundam Wing - Endless Waltz: Preventer Cruiser). When activated, the modules release a barrage of over 40 torpedoes at anything not identified as an ally. The constant onslaught of torpedoes is enough to overwhelm most types of point-defenses available to Terran Militaries.

Price 50,000 Credits
Squad size 2 Elite Valkyries
Squads per Mission 2
Cooldown 7 min.
Resource Cost 350 Minerals 200 Vespene Gas
  • +25% HPs, +75% Damage
Bonus Tech Plasma Torpedoes - replaces all air unit attacks with torpedoes that deal 40 (+40 vs shields) explosive splash damage

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