High Council Meeting

The Protoss High Council is a conservative political body which leads the Savrai Protoss.


The High Council are a group of elders, chosen for their wisdom, knowledge of the Khala and Void, and individual contributions to the Protoss race.

The High Council presides over the Patriarchal Assembly, the legislative body of the Savrai Protoss Empire, and enforces the mandates of the Savra; it can make executive, legislative, judicial, and religious decisions according to popular vote that would affect the entire Empire. As the Rhel'Kaeli Tribe maintains control within the Assembly, it controls who will preside in the High Council. The Rhel'Kaeli command the Saven'rii Praetor Guard, the personal guard and enforcement of the High Council.

The headquarters of the High Council and seat of Shakuras's government is currently set in the massive research city of Vael'Rae.

Known MembersEdit

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