The Hildr-class Frigate was a model of warship widely used by fleets of the Reformed United Planets League.


The Hildr-class Frigate was first constructed in the year 2540 by the newly reformed reformed United Planets League. It would swiftly enter mass production and first see combat in March of 2543 during the first day of the League's offensive against the Terran worlds of the Koprulu Sector starting the conflict which became the longest fought theater of the league's Second Project Purification. Captured or stolen vessels would also be used by resistance forces in both the Gantris and Koprulu Sectors after these regions were conquered by the league.


The Hildr-class Frigate is 309 meters long, carrying a standard crew of 425 with room for 400 troops and 5 platoons of ground vehicles on board. It is warp drive equipped. For armaments it carries 14 anti-ship tachyon beam batteries, and 6 anti-ship charged rail guns along with 20 ship to ship missile launchers. It also has 48 point-defense tachyon beam turrets, 12 point defense charged rail guns and 32 point-defense missile launchers. Its hanger carries 15 shuttles.

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