Honor Guards represent a middle-wieght class of Vaul forces.

Similar to Terran Mercenaries, they are not as powerful as Hero-class units but are much stronger than standard ones. Often upgraded by Operators or Sovereigns, Honor Guards have greater processing power for their A.I.s combat functions (Star Wars: B2 super battle droid). This is necessary in order to inflict maximum damage to targets while maintaining Null Armor.

Powered by Void energies, Null armor bolsters the user's defense against both conventional and special weapons. Honor Guards can move through psionic storms as easily as the vacuum of space. Null armor does have similar limits as regular plasma shielding. Constant bombardment will eventually drain it forcing users to take cover and recharge. Despite this, Honor Guards can take an enormous amount of damage and still function normally.


  • Units gain +50% Health, +50% damage, and Null Armor

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