The Hunchback is an unstable Zerg strain.

Resembling an armored frog with scorpion pincers, Hunchbacks are among the most aggressive strains ever mutated. Just slightly under the height of an Ultralisk, they can overpower most smaller opponents in close quarters. Having thousands of muscles in their hind limbs, they can move and react at astonishing speeds. Complementing their speed are compressed gas bags capable of releasing air with enough force to launch themselves across several miles (Tremors 3: Ass blaster). Upon landing, the shockwave produced is enough to knockback medium sized vehicles and crush armored infantry instantly.

Hunchbacks can also use the abilities of other strains by consuming them (Command & Conquer: Eeradicator Hexapod). Using genetic material similar to larvae, they mimic the first familiar strain consumed for a brief amount of time. This makes them difficult for enemy forces to predict and form countermeasures beyond brute force.

Unfortunately, their hunger is difficult to control and could cause them to run rampant in battle. As such, Hunchbacks are spawned sparingly unless the situation is deemed extreme enough to use them.

Special abilities:

  • Burrow/Unburrow - unit burrows into the ground to hide from enemy forces not supported by detectors
  • Hop - unit launches across the field to target area
  • Fart Drop (passive) - deals 500 splash damage to nearby units and buildings after landing from a hop
  • Imbibe - takes on the special abilities of a friendly unit after consuming it. Lasts for 120 seconds

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