Dead or alive, you are coming with me.

The Huntress is a Protoss ranged infantry unit.

Skilled in survival and tracking, these warriors are among the best scouts in the universe. Like the Dark Templar, they can conceal their presence from even the most advanced detection technology. This is achieved by combining camouflage and psionic suppression too appear virtually invisible (Warcraft III: Night Elves; Star Wars: Force cloak; Dragon ball: Power Up)

They are armed with dual crossbow gauntlets capable of taking down the largest of creatures in a few shots (Diablo III: Demon Hunter; Mass Effect 3: Talon Mercenary Engineer). For more power, Huntresses can combine their gauntlets into a single powerful bow that launches a psionic bolt in the shape of a bird (Marvel: Pyro; Beast Wars: Transmetal Cheetor; Bleach: Quincy). Depending on the amount of psionic put in them, these Phantasms can last longer in combat to assist the Huntress that created them (Mega Man: Beat).

For targets that need to be taken alive, Huntress can deploy a Retriever to chase them down. Once caught, these Orb-like constructs engulf and immobilize the targets instantly (The Prisoner: Rover). With as little as a drop of blood to a piece of DNA, the Orbs will track targets to the end of the galaxy (Terminator 3 - Rise of the Machines: Series T-X).

Special abilities:

  • Conceal (passive) - unit is invisible to enemy forces and detectors while immobile
  • Talon Bolt - fires a Phantasm that deals 150 damage to target unit. Phantasm attacks nearby air and ground enemies with 8 damage after initial shot. Construct lasts for 120 seconds
  • Retriever - deploys an orb that hunts down target and permanently immobilizes them. Imprisoned targets can be picked up by transport and gain resources depending on supply of target (i.e. 1 supply = 25 Minerals and 25 Vespene gas)

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