The Hybrid serpent is a type of Protoss/Zerg hybrid transport based off Nydus worms.

Tremendous in size, these creatures not only burrow through planets, but space and time (Pac-man and the Ghostly Adventures: The Wizard of Odd). This allows them to enter virtually anywhere they want no matter what kind of defense a planet has. Even the most powerful Protoss shield will not stop a worm from simply teleporting through.

As for defenses, the Hybrid serpent's hind is immune to most psionic attack rendering psi and warp blades useless (Star Wars - the Clone Wars: Zillo Beast). For attack, the Serpents simply crush anything in their path. For more difficult targets, they can simply create a temporary hole near a star to suck in half a planet. Even an army of Archons would not stand a chance of slowing these creatures down. Only the Xel'Naga and Hybrids are powerful enough to tame a Hybrid serpent.

Special abilities:

  • Transport abilities
  • Psi-resistant Hide (passive) - unit is immune to psionic and energy attacks
  • Dimensional hole - creates a hole that destroys 1/4 the map and everything in it

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