Hydra Brood

The Hydra Brood is one of the major Broods of the Dark Swarm. It is one of the most heavy-handed of Zerg attack forces.

The Hydra Brood's faction color is violet.


Typically called on to follow the fast preemptive strikes of the Basilisk Brood, the Hydra Brood relies on its massive numbers and brute force to overcome any foes, pacifying all other resistance to the Dark Swarm. The core of its forces are made up of Zerglings and Hydralisks backed up with Nihilisk support. It excels at ground-based combat and direct unit-to-unit warfare.


The Hydra Brood is one of two known broods belonging to the Dark Swarm that does not have a special strain that gives it its title, the other being the Charybdis Brood.

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