Ignilisk Profile

The Ignilisk is a particularly tough, armored strain of Zerg utilized by the Dark Swarm which possesses a high-speed regeneration ability when burrowed.

Overview Edit

Ignilisks evolved from the core strain of the Roach when its DNA was reassimilated by the Dark Swarm. The Ignilisk attacks at range by spitting a volatile substance that ignites on contact with air. This burning saliva attack is capable of penetrating neosteel. One to one, few are capable of taking on an Ignilisk and winning.

The dorsal surface of the Ignilisk is covered in volcanic crystals thriving off the internal heat of the creature. The carapace of the Ignilisk is so hot in fact that if touched, it will instantly inflict a 3rd degree burn.

Although this has combat advantages, it is also the Ignilisk's greatest weakness. If the Ignilisk so much as touches a combustive material, the material will ignite and explode, commonly taking the Ignilisk with it.


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