The Impulse arc is the main transport vessel of the Vaul.

Many Vaul ground units to rival the other three races in speed, adaptability, and power. Some of their units required additional armor to weather some of the most extreme conditions. This had the unfortunate effect of making them difficult to transport efficiently and silently. Enemy defenses could shoot down a transport without target lock and destroy what could be essential for retreat or reinforcement. The Vaul needed a way to transport ground forces while minimizing the chance of losing them under enemy attack. To resolve these problems, the Vaul converted schematics of an obsolete Protoss vessel they acquired into Impulse arc transport crafts.

Being a medium sized craft, an Impulse arc takes minimum damage from most forms of stationary defenses. To compensate for the lack of space, it uses matter-energy conversion technology to digitally store and transport a number of friendly units in a fraction of a second. This is helpful in picking up and dropping off troops in virtually any situation, making Impulse arcs perfect for both scouting and infiltration missions (Stargate Atlantis: Wraith Dart).

Six advanced psionic propulsion wings allow the vessels to perform high speed maneuvers in the most extreme situations (Halo Wars: Super Sentinel concept; Star Wars: Firespray). Two of the main wings are strictly for movement and intergalactic travel, while the other four have been equipped with plasma transference technology. Using technology based off Warp Prisms, Impulse arcs transform into hovering Plasma Batteries to recharge the shields of allied units and structures (Gundam SEED - Destiny: Deuterion Beam Energy Transfer System). In combat support roles, Impulse arcs can increase unit endurance substantially as long as the ones being recharged are not attacked. In base defense, the beams can help sustain buildings until Quicksilver can repair any damage taken.

Impulse arcs can also be augmented with Interface technology to support allied forces even further. Once Interfaced, the vessel emits a powerful Jamming field similar to the one generated by the Pylons of Talematros. This field prevents accurate targeting by both technological and biological flyers as well as disrupting guidance systems to a significant degree (Warcraft III: Necromancer; Babylon 5: Sharlin class warcruiser). While ground forces can take down the vessel, the Jamming field is best used in turning the tides of battle in most space engagements.

Special abilities:

  • Transport Mode - unit is mobile and can load/unload friendly ground units
  • Arc Mode - unit becomes immobile and doubles plasma shield recharge rates of friendly units and structures not under attack
    • Jamming Field (INTERFACE) - creates a jamming field that decreases enemy flyer movement by -30% and reduces their accuracy by -75%

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