The Infernal is an advanced version of the Stone Guardian based off Dark Templar technologies. Created by Ziggurats, the construct appears as a giant crystal Dark Archon firing a combined version of thermal lance and prismatic beams. Given time, the beam becomes powerful enough to drill through or bisect a Leviathan in one shot (Dragon Ball: Special Beam Cannon). The Infernal hovers across all forms of terrain and over gaps as if flying, while at the same time leaving a trail of burn marks.

Made to cripple enemy forces, Infernals use graviton beams to immobilize multiple targets at once. These gravition beams differ from the ones used by Phoenixes by producing a much stronger gravitational force. This force is strong enough to crush anything affected into a compact pulp. If this is not enough, friendly forces eventually finish off the crushed target once it falls to the ground.

While idle, the Infernal produces a psionic aura inducing massive pain and disorientation to all nearby enemy forces (DC Comics: Count Vertigo; Marvel: Vertigo; Stargate - Atlantis: Mind manipulator). In prolonged combat, this aura can make a tremendous difference by slowing down and throwing off enemy assaults.

Special abilities:

  • Death Grip - immobilizes all nearby non-massive enemy units and lifts them into the air. Affected units loss 10 HPs per second while being crushed. Units not destroyed become crushed pulps that fall to the ground once effects wear off. Effects last for 15 seconds
  • Torment (passive) - all nearby enemy units lose 25% movement and attack rate. Enemy attacks have a 30% chance of missing

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