Ready to Crash and Burn!!!

Infernal Basterds is a Terran mercenary organization. Scattered across the fringe worlds of Terran space, they are one of the largest street racing crews in the Koprulu Sector. Founded during the Guild Wars, the group grew into thousands when both the Confederacy and the Kel-Morian Combine began hoarding Vespene Gas. Often preforming hit-and-run jobs around small military bases, the group gained mainly forms of military hardware along with several gallons of fuel making them the most highly armed gangs at the time.

In the past, they used Vulture bikes as their main mode of transportation. Now, their gang consists of multiple Hellions and Hellbats equipped with some of the most powerful, and possibly illegal military grade weapons ever developed. Despite their problems when it comes to authority, the Bastard's reputation for doing dirty jobs has made them a "reliable" mercenary contact for the most desperate of clientele.

Another thing that should be noted is that they are 5 time winners of the Vespene Grand Prix.

Price 40,000 (+5,000 for Hellbats) Credits
Squad size 4 Pirate Hellions/Hellbats
Squads per Mission 2
Cooldown 6 min.
Resource Cost 400 Minerals
  • +33% Health, +33% Damage


  • The name of this group was inspired by The Weinstein Company and Universal Pictures' Inglourious Basterds
  • Other name concepts:
    • Nitro Maniacs - a parody on Pyromaniacs (already taken)
    • Scrap Masters - referring to scrappy appearance of custom jobs (also taken)
    • Torqued Wretches - referring to the tool with the same name)

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