The Infested Medic is a breed of infested Terrans made for supporting forces.

Although most attempts by the Zerg to infest psychic terrans ended in failures, the results were none the less useful during the Great and Brood Wars. Initial experiments yielded explosive infantry units comparable to the Terran's Nuclear arsenal. The one "successful" subject, designated "Kerrigan", showed an unprecedented amount of psionic potential and abilities. Because they are in the middle of psionic potential (Marine < Medic < Ghost), the Operators wanted to see what infesting psionic medics would yield. After many experiments, the first Infested Medic was created and its powers rivaled those of the most powerful ghosts.

By tapping into their latent telekinetic abilities, Infested Medics can stimulate cell division, repair, and regeneration (Naruto: Kabuto). This is used to increase the regenerative abilities of any biological unit or building, which effectively makes them biological SCVs. No only that, but this ability helps INCUBATE eggs and cocoons into hatching faster.

Another ability of Infested Medics is the power to cause BLIGHT. Within their modified bodies, Infested Medics create multiple types of Toxins. These toxins can be mixed into a deadly "cocktail" that infects both Minerals and energy users. When infected, Minerals change to a blood red color. These Tainted crystals are now low-yield nodes (blue = regular: 8, yellow = high-yield: 16). Only 4 usable minerals can be gained from these nodes, because processing the mutated crystals damages refining equipment. Even enemy hives can not gain the regular amount of resources from the crystals unless they know what combination of toxins was used. Energy users that have been infected by blight must use twice the energy required for even their weakest abilities. High energy spells are out of the question.

Using information gathered from infested research buildings, Infested Medics can develop billions of different biological defenses against any atomic, biological, chemical, and psionic weapon in existence. Once injected with a special mutagen, the effectiveness of any specialized weapon is temporarily reduced or rendered useless to any affected unit (DC Universe: Doomsday; Star Trek: Borg). Abilities such as a Ghost's targeting system just reflects or scatters off mutated carapaces, making nuclear strikes impossible. Even the High Templar's vaunted Psionic Storms barely tickle the dead skin of immunized troops. To prevent the adaptions from blocking helpful effects, each mutagen is specially made not to interfere with ally abilities.

Special abilities:

  • INCUBATE - doubles HP regeneration and mutation rate of friendly biological units and buildings
  • BLIGHT - changes Mineral nodes into Tainted Nodes. Target energy users must use twice the required cost to cast spells
  • ADAPTION - target units become invulnerable to all enemy spells for 120 seconds

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