Invictus is the fifth planet in a system largely uncharted by Terrans and Protoss alike. It is roughly the size of Aiur and possesses three moons.

Like New Folsom, multiple asteroid belts within the system make entering the area difficult without heavily armored spacecrafts. Even then, electromagnetic interference of the systems twin suns wreaks havoc on any electronic or psionic.

Once the Vaul developed a way pasted the EM radiation, they reconfigured Invictus into one of their most heavily armed fortress worlds. Responsible for the construction of several military technologies and spacecraft, the necessity for the planet's secrecy is second only to Ouron (Halo: Reach).



Invictus' atmosphere is similar to most life sustaining worlds; however, the addition of Vaul factories has hade some negligible effects on the environment.

Flora and FaunaEdit

Before the Vaul settled in the region, Invictus was a jungle world that held a large amount of plant and wildlife.

After reconfiguring part of the world almost a third died out as their habitats were torn down and replaced with factories.

Natural ResourcesEdit

Invictus has vast deposits of minerals including Jorium. Unfortunately, Vespene gas is extremely rare so it has to be shipped over via Warp Gate transport.


To bolster the defensive position provided by the asteroid fields, no less than 5,000,000,000,000 Plasma mines where hidden in case anything tries to enter the system (Babylon 5: Battle with the Black Star; Star Trek - Enterprise: Minefield).


Originally having two natural moons, Invictus has reconfigured them both into heavily armed battle platforms.

  • 500,000 Neutron guns
  • 250,000 Torpedo Banks
  • 50,000 Mass Drivers (for launching ships and fighters)
  • 50,000 Ship Yards


  • 750,000 Particle Cannons
  • 250,000 Missile Platforms

Surface WeaponsEdit

  • 2,000,000 Neutron Guns
  • 1,000,000 Torpedo Banks

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