You don't know Jack...

Jack My Ride is an action role-playing game compatible with all Terran game plateforms developed in the 26th century. Play as Jack an independent mercenary hired by the Confederacy to aquire information and technology from the two other powers. Switching between single to three squad play, Jack can perform covert operations or outright demolition depending on the mission.


Set just before the Guild Wars, Jack is contacted by a mysterious employer to retrieve blueprints from an informant within LarsCorp Technologies. While traveling into Kel-Morian Combine territory, Jack must build up a team of specialists to get in and out with minimal exposure.

On delievery of the data, Jack is betrayed by the rest of his team and left for dead on the fringe world of Shiloh. While seeking medical attention, Jack runs into an old aquaintance of his from his past. Though more incline to shoot him, Trace eventually helps Jack to pay back a dept and to get him out of his life forever.

Once fully healed, Jack sets out across all known Terran space to hunt down those who betrayed him leaving a path of destruction in his wake.


Jack must hijack different kinds of vehicle in order to move around ranging from: hover bikes, cars, tanks, fighters, dropships, and at least one battlecruiser.

Most technologies are pre-Great and Brood War, so they require a greater degree of skill and maintenence to use in combat.

Unlike most "Morality" style play where the player has choice between good, evil, and neutral options, Jack only has two options: Ruthless and Beyond Ruthless.


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