Private First Class Jason Millard is a character in the fanfiction serial Rise of Unity. From a technical standpoint, he is one of the two first-person narrators of the story; the other is Lt.-Col. Aidan Taylor.

Millard was a private in the Fourth Regiment of the Tenth Division of the Dominion's Elite Guard. As one of its soldiers, he was sent to help defend the planet Umoja in the Battle of Umoja. On several occasions, he met Colonel Taylor; they rode the same Dropship down to the planet and manned the same bunker during the initial Zerg assault. After Taylor ordered a retreat in the face of overwhelming force, and after the Zerg ground forces were stopped by a minefield, Millard, his platoon sergeant, and the Sixth Regiment's commander accompanied Taylor as he discovered an active Psi Emitter in the very city they were defending.

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