"By only your will Overmind. I am your servant."
Kagg addresess to the Slaved Secon Overmind.

Kagg is a Zerg Cerebrate, and master of the Surtur Brood. He appear in Covert Operations

Commanding on Sara SystemEdit

Kagg command Surtur Brood in many operation on Sara System and on the Antiga Prime. His brood infest those planet's, but after infestation, a Tassadar's fleet come's from the sky and purify this planet's. In this war most of the brood was destroyed.

Renegade SwarmEdit

After death of the First Overmind, Kagg join to a Daggoth's Renegade Swarm to help recreate a Second Overmind. After that, when he was led by New Overmind, UED capture this Young Creature, which contributed to the fact that Kagg served Terran's.

A test of StrengthEdit

Surtur Brood was a first brood, that was used for the test by UED in battle. Slaved Kagg, command his brood to attack Terran Dominion planet Hydrax and capture Psi Emitters. Mission was successful.

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