Kal Wardin is a Terran ex-Paladin who served with the TFP Marine Corps during the Outer Rim War. He is currently the leader of the elite mercenary faction: ECLIPSE.

History Edit

Origins Edit

Kal Wardin was trained as a Ghost for the Terra Firma Protectorate Covert Operations Division early in his career, but was quickly recognized for his brilliance in the academy as well as on the battlefield. The Systems Alliance turned its attention to him when he showed promise not only as a scientist but also as an engineer when they discovered that he had made great improvements to his Hostile Environment Suit.

It was not long after this discovery that he was swiftly appointed head researcher of the Orion Project for the entire System's Alliance. He almost single-handedly developed Exponential DNA, or E-DNA. This serum transformed the chosen soldiers of the Orion Project into super-soldiers.

However, the genetic enhancements that every soldier received were dangerously unstable, mutating them in a way that they barely resembled humans. These mutations began to drastically alter the soldiers both mentally and physically, leading them to become increasingly violent. Eventually, the Systems Alliance realized that the Orion were too unstable to continue fighting, and attempted to disband them, with the recently formed Terra Firma Protectorate acting as their replacement for all the Systems Alliance's wars.

Regression Edit


Kal Wardin continued to improve on older designs for both weapons and armor, developing such things as the C-15 Harrier and the TFP Powered Heavy Combat Armor in the process. Feeling a deep sense of regret at the failure of E-DNA in the Orion Project, Kal Wardin offered to repair the damage done by the Orion Project by proposing a new but fundamentally similar project to atone for his mistake: The Paladin Project.

The Paladin Project went underway immediately and, on November 24, 2615, the Clarent class Mobile Powered Assault Armor was officially fielded. Kal volunteered to be the first subject to be integrated with the suit to become the first Paladin.

After enough recruits had been conscripted into the Paladin Project, the TFP sent them off as part of a battle fleet to eliminate the Orion threat in the Outer Rim of the galaxy. Kal's team of Paladins were eventually successful in driving out the Orion occupation of the Outer Rim Systems Alliance colonies, and the Outer Rim War was over.

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