The Kestrel cycle is a Terran ground vehicle used for scouting during colonization of the Fringe Worlds.

Capable of reaching 200 mph in an instant, it out paced most other vehicles of the time. The Kestrel can easily be customized to use or carry any number of anti-personnel and anti-armor weaponry. Some of these modifications included machine guns, mortars, and rpg launchers.

A Kestrel can even be equipped with a side-car to carry additional passengers. This made it easier to control driving, while the passenger used inbuilt weapons to attack targets. Unfortunately, these features also made them popular among raiders and train robbers.

Special abilities:

  • Weapons Refit: unit uses different weapon depending on what is equipped
  • Sidecar (upgrade) - unit can fire on the move
  • Mortar (upgrade) - Kestrel gains +20 splash damage vs light
  • RPG Launcher (upgrade) - Kestrel gains +20 damage vs armor

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