The Kinjaff is a six-legged giraffe-like creature found on Protoss worlds.

Docile for the most part, some protoss children took to taming some as pets. Using their long necks to reach high areas, the children often played games of who could order their pet to preform complex retrievals. Once children refined their own telekinesis, Kinjaffs were ether kept as company or released into the wild. Though not the most dangerous of beasts, Kinjaffs can perform an attack with its head and neck capable of knocking an adult Protoss off its feet.

After the invasion of Aiur, the Zerg found little use for these creatures in their genome. However, they did use some for biomass while infesting urban areas.

Special abilities:

  • Telescopic neck - preforms a head-butt that can stun multiple nearby units for 10 seconds

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