Kli'Flosis Emblem

The Kli'Flosis Tribe was the youngest tribe to embrace the Savra. It is descended from the Khalai research tribe of Furinax before the exile of the Dark Templar.

The Kli'Flosis' tribal color is turquoise.


Most Khalai have no interest in fighting, with few exceptions. The Kli'Flosis Tribe possesses a bitter hatred of the Zerg Swarm. As testament to their race's violent history and warrior origins, The Kli'Flosis is forever willing to take up arms in the pursuit of defending Shakuras, although not an inherent Templari tribe. Kli'Flosis weapon smiths and technologists construct and test psionic weapons for the Templar Caste; they were responsible for developing the Venerate Focus Blade and Power Armor, and the Siege Dragoon exoskeleton.


The Kli'Flosis Tribe follows the way of the Boros.

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