Kodiak are heavily armored Terran gunships in between the size of a Grizzly and Hercules dropship.

Equipped with Warp engines, these ships are capable of short jumps across solar systems and medium jumps to nearby systems (Halo: D77C-NMPD Pelican Dropship; Stargate: F-302 fighter-interceptor). Up to 20 infantrymen and 2 Siege Tanks can be loaded into a Kodiak, not including the pilot, co-pilot, and navigator.

For weapons, these vessels are usually equipped with 25 mm gun pods and H.A.L.O. missile pods for ship-to-ship assaults, and laser batteries for point-defense. For ground-based targets, Kodiaks use Napalm-Vespene cluster bombs to clear a landing zone when one is needed to be made. To avoid any burrowed or cloaked enemies, the guns pods on the sides can alternate with a high powered flamethrower to sweep the area (20th Century Fox: The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen).

While not as popular as the Medivac dropship or Grizzly, Kodiaks have been seen in use by civilian police forces due to its ability to be customized and make short jumps to Hyperspace While less equipped for combat when used by basic law enforcement, the gunships can still repel small riots and the occasional zergling cluster with the 20 mm gun ports. While the Zerg and Protoss being relatively quiet for four years, Kodiaks have mostly been in use for minor to moderate transport operations.

Special abilities:

  • Load/Unload - pick up or deploy 20 supplies worth of ground forces
  • Point-defense (passive) - intercepts incoming missile attacks
  • Scorch - clears an area with a 50 splash damage burst of flames. Cloaked or burrowed units are set ablaze and continue to take 3 damage per second for 10 seconds

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