Korhal IV (often simply refered to as Korhal) is the fourth planet of the Korhal System in the heart of the Koprulu Sector. Formerly a temperate world with at least two large oceans, it was turned into a nuclear wasteland by a nuclear bombardment.

During the four years since the establishment of the Terran Dominion, a large portion of the planet has developed into an ecumenopolis.

Korhal had a dense atmosphere and used to be a lush, temperate and warm world before its destruction, possessing distinct seasons such as autumn, balmy summers and mild winters. The planet orbits a single star.

A Confederate nuclear strike left the formerly verdant surface a radioactive desert with craters visible from space. By the Brood War radiation levels were low enough to allow humans to survive. After the war the Dominion invested significant effort to further decontaminate the planet.

Astrographical InformationEdit

Region: Koprulu Sector
Dominant Terrain: Desert
System: Korhal system
Suns: 1 (Unnamed)
moons: Canis, Ursa
Orbital Position: 4

Physical InformationEdit

Diameter: 12,248 km
Climate: +/- 25º Centigrade [77 Fº], low humidity
Axial Tilt: 6.2 degrees
Gravity: 0.98 standard

Geographical InformationEdit

*6 major continents
*2 major oceans
*72 Irradiated areas

Points of InterestEdit

  • Styrling
  • Augustgard


  • 8 major conurbations
  • 5,592 residential districts
  • 1,012 industrial zones

Biological InformationEdit

Dominant Species: Terran

Indigenous FaunaEdit

Imported FaunaEdit

Indigenous FloraEdit

  • Cactus


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