—The warcry of a rampaging Kraarghh! horde

The Kraarghh! (Yes that's how it's spelled) are a crude, primitive and barbaric though at the same time, ingenious and resourceful race of warmongerers. (Warhammer 40k: Orks) The Kraarghh! are prone to speech impediments and unusual accents due to the biology of their mouths, for example, a single Kraarghh! is often referred to as a "Manz" and a group of Manz are called "Manzez". They dedicate almost every single bit of their lives all to war which they see as a "fun game", the rest is spent on preparing for wars, looting and salvaging wreckages and spoils of war, celebrating and feasting during victory parties and/or recovering from their losses.

The name "Kraarghh!" is also used as a universal Kraarghh! battlecry and to refer to an unusual psychic phenomena that causes some, if not, most of their superstitious and absurd beliefs to actually work, and grants immunity to a few conventional methods of Zerg infestation that affect Terrans, and is also used to refer to armies and military campaigns consisting of hordes and hordes of Kraarghh! Manz (Warhammer 40k: Ork Waaagh!)


  • Cheap, massive numbers with a heavy preference for melee combat. In fact, they rely more heavily on swarming the enemy than the Zerg do.
  • Average unit strength is in-between that of the Zerg and Terran.
  • Most Kraarghh! have equal physical strength to that of Terrans. Some larger, stronger Kraarghh! are physically superior.
  • Not-so-advanced technology, but Kraarghh! will loot and salvage almost any piece of technology from the spoils of war.
  • The Kraarghh! psychic power ensures that most of their equipment that they believe will work will work, and some of other but not all Kraarghh! beliefs that can be considered ridiculous by most.
  • Tactics and Strategies: Swamp the enemy like there's no tomorrow!
  • Adviser/Commander: Zmart Pantz/Big Bawzz
  • Signature Abilities: The Kraarghh! psychic power.
  • Construction Colors: Varies, as the Kraarghh! often like to put random paint on their items
  • Technology Rating: Level Three
  • Psionics Rating: Generally viewed as Level 1.5 by other races. Actually Level Two and Level Three-Four for certain Kraargh!

Units coming soon...

Buildings coming soon...


  • Like the Xarik-Radux, this is also another idea from an original sci-fi concept by R17RFUNNY and a "what-if-they-were-in-starcraft?" idea.

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