The Kraken is a specialized Corruptor strain, utilized specifically by the Kraken Brood of the Dark Swarm.


Krakens are an extremely advanced Corruptor strain, used primarily to exert great control over the minions of the Dark Swarm, greater even, than the Dark Lords and Sphinxes used by the Dark Swarm. However, the Kraken may also attack, utilizing its specialized "Impaler Tentacles" against air targets, and descending to the ground to attack ground targets.

The Kraken is a genetic marvel that can cover targets in a black ooze-like substance, dubbed as "Ink", causing biological targets to quiver and writhe, and mechanical targets to undergo electrical failure for a short time.

Fortunately for the Dark Swarm's enemies, these giant brain-like creatures, with their snapping beaks and dangling tentacles, are usually found near only the most advanced Hive Clusters of the Kraken Brood, unlike the Dark Lord strain, which is utilized by the entire Dark Swarm.


The Kraken strain was actually engineered by the Charybdis Brood shortly before its Cerebrate's defection to the Protoss, and as such, the Kraken is also used by the Scylla Brood.

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