Kraken Brood

The Kraken Brood is the largest and most powerful of all the broods of the Dark Swarm.

It is speculated that Zhartuus himself is protected deep within the safety of this living fleet. The most advanced Overlords and Queens define the rigid infrastructure of Kraken and help to drive the lesser broods to total domination over their enemies.

The Kraken Brood's faction color is deep blue.


The Kraken Brood is specialized in tactical space combat and rarely fields any ground creatures. It only dispatches its ravenous surface attackers under the most dire of circumstances. It is infamous for breeding the most specialized and advanced Zerg, such as its namesake Kraken strain, along with the Dark Lord, Dark Baroness, and Dark Empress strains.

Special StrainsEdit

The Kraken, which gives the brood its name, is an advanced Corruptor strain utilized by the Kraken Brood to exert control over its numerous hosts.

The Kraken Brood is also known to employ the use of Dark Empresses to nurture and watch over their Hive Clusters.

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