The Krast Republic is a small stellar nation on the far side of the Gureval Sector from Earth. It was officially formed in the late twenty-fifth century after the four decade Krast Revolt.


Very new the Republic is undergoing a number of growing pains as the unity required to hold their own against the forces of the Mikoyan Alliance begins to fray.


The Krast Republic consists of 40 worlds each with a Representative on the ruling council. The council is led by a President elected every two years, who is typically one of the military's flag officers, or a corporate executive.


The Krast military is organized much like the Alliance's military but cruiser class warships are rarer and the most common Krast energy weapon is the Graser Beam. Its longer range and higher ratio of damage output to energy input compensate for the higher delay between salvos and contributed greatly to the Krast rebellion's ability to avoid annihilation during the revolt. With the warming of relations between the Krast and Alliance the military's main focus has become preparing for attack from the Koprulu Sector.

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