The Krast Revolt was the longest and bloodiest conflict in the history of the Mikoyan Alliance lasting for four decades of alternating hot and cold conflict.

Road to rebellionEdit

Krast was the most populated world in a new region recently colonized by the Mikoyan Alliance. A number of ship and weapon design firms had major branches on the world or in neighboring systems. It was here that the breakthrough in radiation shielding which led to the development of safe man portable Graser weaponry was invented, and many of the corporations made massive investments into research of Graser weapons and warship, fighter, and vehicle designs equipped with them. When the new military production contracts selected models equipped with Laser weapons over the graser equipped designs which many felt were superior many of these corporations were devastated and resentment rose within the region at a breakneck pace amid rumors of bribes paid to those who selected the models and corporations that received the contracts.

The WarEdit

in 2445 the various groups who felt betrayed by the contract committee, including a large number of military personal, seized control of Krast and many neighboring systems. Roughly sixty percent of the forces assigned to the rebelling regions defected and the remainder swiftly surrendered or were forced to withdraw. The Alliance mustered a fleet to put down the rebellion but it took four months before the fleet could deploy. And a number of blunders from a lack of experience in planning multi-system offensive campaigns combined with the fact the rebels had taken the military-industrial complexes of their worlds virtually intact enabled them to repel the first assault, and soon the designs rejected by the military equipment review committee were wreaking havoc on the Alliance that had rejected them.

While the Alliance had more than enough military might to crush the rebellion a combination of factors such as unrest in other parts of the Alliance, Corporations protesting against weakening the defenses of their holdings, and an increase in piracy, with many supposedly pirated shipments being sent to the rebels by their secret supporters within the Alliance or being seized by roaming rebel vessels, prevented the concentration of forces needed to defeat the rebellion, and in 2484 ,amid fears that the UPL was beginning preparations to expand towards the Gureval Sector, a peace treaty was signed recognizing the existence of the Krast Republic.

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