Lava leeches are a type of worm found in the icy regions of Quorellia.

Unlike lava crabs found in volcanic areas, their names actually relate to the tremendous amounts of heat produced from ingesting and metabolizing Vespene Gas. Reaching temperatures in the hundreds, Lava leeches can cause third to fourth degree burns on contact with skin (Star Trek - Enterprise: Ice bore).

Lave leeches have a natural way of locating vespene wells, which has caused many fuel companies to fund research into replicating such abilities. For over 50 years, Terran scientists have devised experiments, but live specimens tended to melt through most forms of containment.

As a form of defense, swarms of leeches often cluster together into a type of bundle. While bundled, the leaches can maintain and conserve heat until they find a source of vespene gas. The bundle is also effective in protecting the leeches from their natural enemies the wendigoes. If anything attempts to touch the cluster, it is immediately exposed to enough thermal energy to vaporize Neosteel. Even missiles and grenades detonate prematurely by the heat barrier (Roughnecks - Starship Troopers Chronicles: Blaster Bug).

Special abilities:

  • Burrow/Unburrow - unit burrows underground to hide from enemy forces, but cannot move nor attack anything. Can be seen by detectors and be affected by certain abilities and weapons
  • Thermal Cluster (autocast) - critter moves together with other leeches to create an aura of heat that deals 20 damage per second to all nearby units and structures

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