The Liberator is a Terran gunship made for maintaining air superiority.

It is a combination concept of Siege Tanks and Valkyries. Against clusters of airborne threats, the gunship fires a barrage of missiles to either obliterate or scatter them into more manageable numbers. In ground support rolls, the Liberator transforms into a stationary platform to unleash heavy artillery fire. Each round has potential to breach even the thickest of armored support vehicles.

The only things the gunship falls short of is the ability to handle large capital ships and siege operations. This is mitigated by pairing them up with Vikings and siege tanks respectively.

Special abilities:

  • Defender Mode: Liberator transforms from gunship to artillery platform
  • Inflict high damage to single targets, but cannot target buildings

Campaign Upgrades Edit

  • Purge Rounds - removes effects like stasis trap and force fields
  • Experimental Composites - lighter alloys increase construction and movement speed by 30%

Notes Edit

  • For more information see Liberator on the parent site

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