The Light skiff is a small Protoss interstellar vessel.

It is mainly used by young protoss during Quo'ryha to test skill in piloting a craft through space will very few supplies. A Light skiff uses special solar sails as propulsion through the void between worlds in whatever system they are in (Star Trek - DS9: Bajoran lightship: Star Wars - Attack of the Clones: Dooku's solar sailer). Usually unarmed, the vessels are mainly for civilian use and can hold up to three passengers. Some skiffs are equipped with crystal batteries to sustain users for prolonged voyages.

In most tests, young pilots sail through asteroid fields using only their psionic instincts to navigate. Once complete, the pilot is marked with whatever their examiner deems the trait best expressed during the test (Avatar - TLA: Ice dodging).

Special abilities:

  • Photon surge - recharges spellcaster energy by +50
  • Light Jump - skiff jumps a brief distance and retains a speed boost of 30% for 120 seconds

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