The Longhorn is a Vaul series that utilizes an animalistic form.

Because of the large amounts of resources required to construct Juggernauts, it was apparent that a cheaper model would be necessary for larger engagements. After experimenting on a variety of different forms, the Vaul settled on one based roughly on the male w:c:starcraft:Ursadak:Ursadak for their prominent horns and natural ferocity.

Dubbed the Longhorn-series, this model is mainly geared toward melee combat against heavily armored targets. Equipped with Gigachrome alloyed horns, it rams through hoards of enemy ground forces with relative ease. When running at top speeds, the Longhorn can overturn multiple Siege Tanks and even knockback some of the more larger Zerg strains short of an Ultralisk.

While researching ways to make this series more efficient in battle, the Vaul found that they greatly lacked any ground unit to provide sufficient anti-air capabilities. By integrating the Terran's transformation technology and schematics from Protoss Tempests, the Longhorn morphs into a powerful energy cannon. Psionic energy is gathered and compressed into a small sphere before being launched at air targets with devastating effect (Naruto: Tailed Beast Ball). A small herd of Longhorns is more than capable of annihilating squadrons of enemy bombers before reaching a base.

Special abilities:

  • Ramrod Mode - unit damages heavily armored enemy units with ram attack
  • Flak Mode - unit transforms into an anti-air cannon that deals 50 damage to air targets

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