M-395 DMR

The M-395 Designated Marksman Rifle is a Terran semi-automatic assault rifle.

Overview Edit

The M-395 DMR is a pneumatic gas-operated, magazine-fed, marksman rifle that maintains a smart-linked, telescopic, rail-mounted sight for scout personnel. This rifle favors mid-range to long-range combat, offering impressive stopping power.

It resembles the M-392 DMR but has a thumbhole stock, a longer barrel, absence of a front sight, an added muzzle break, and absence of a flashlight attached to the barrel.

The M-395 DMR incorporates a full-bore barrel with no tapering along the length, lessening recoil compared to the M-392 DMR's partially-tailored barrel, and also possesses a longer barrel to allow for dissipation of the projectile's kinetic energy, allowing for engagement over longer ranges.

These increases in barrel cross-section and length lead to a somewhat noticeable increase in weight and also make the rifle less suitable for close quarters combat (CQC), where light weight and easy handling are integral.

Importantly, the M-395 DMR has a threaded barrel that acts a receiver for any number of standard attachable flash-sound suppressors, making the M-395 choice for special operators, significantly reducing ballistic crack and muzzle flash despite the M-395 DMR projectile's high velocity. This is an attractive option for covert nighttime operations, where the suppression of muzzle flash greatly enhances surreptitiousness in the field. An infrared laser sight is also mountable on the side of the barrel.

The M-395 has superior accuracy to the M-392, at the cost of lessened effectiveness in CQC firefights. It has an effective range of 1100 meters.

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