M-85 Battle Rifle

The M-85 Battle Rifle is a pneumatic gas-operated, magazine-fed selective fire rifle optimized for three-round-burst firing.

Overview Edit

The M-85 Battle Rifle is proven to be extraordinarily effective against dissipative energy shielding on both exotic and domestic armor types. It has a magazine size of 36 rounds, usually shot in three-round bursts, thus giving 12 bursts before depleting the mag.

The Battle Rifle has reasonably high power, a decent rate of fire, and high accuracy with its 2x magnification scope. Its range is its primary advantage, allowing the rifleman to engage at longer ranges by leading shots. The M-85 has a slightly lower recoil than its M-55 predecessor and has less muzzle flash, although the rounds fired are still visible in the air.

The rifle's updated design also boosts range and accuracy, increasing the effectiveness of the 9.5mm rounds it fires. The scope of the M-85 Battle Rifle allows a skilled marksman to easily take down an unshielded target from medium range.

The Battle Rifle has an effective range of 1000 meters.

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