The MULE is a Terran mining robot.

It was introduced post-Brood War as an experimental substitute for SCVs in situations where it would be too dangerous to send live personnel. Equipped with a limited battery supply, a MULE is made to gather resources and perform basic maintenance duties before shutting down.

Some terrans have come to bond with a few MULES as if they were pets. Such a bond has caused them to customize their robots with nonstandard parts. These include weapons, armor, and extended battery cells bought off the black market if they can get away with it.

Special abilities:

  • Gather resources - harvests Minerals or Vespene Gas when ordered to
  • Repair - restores health to friendly mechanical buildings at the cost of resources

Campaign UpgradesEdit

  • Summon Railgun Turret - destroy the unit to create a permanent-lasting ground-to-ground turret that fires long-range laser beams
  • Sprint - incredibly increase its gathering speed for a while, causing its lifespan limit to last shorter


  • For more information see MULE on the parent site

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