Manticore Small

The Manticore is a massive evolution of Ultralisk used by its namesake brood.



Being almost twice the size of the Ultralisk, and possessing the ability to both chase down fleeing opponents and trample advancing ones, the Manticore is indeed a fearsome sight to behold.

Oddly, the Manticore has not one, but two core strains from which it draws its evolutionary strengths, as its genetic makeup contains traces of both Hydralisk and Ultralisk DNA. The Manticore's enemies didn't have to guess for long what the reason for this is, as the Manticore possesses the ability to spray a small amount of large barbed spines from it's upper carapace. This ability is thought to only be useable against superior targets; targets that are above the Manticore and not in front or below.

A single Manticore has been known to have emerged beneath a Terran city and military installation belonging to the Alpha Centauri Squadron, revealing that the Manticore can move while burrowed. Survivors of the attack reported that the attack did not come without warning, as a steadily strengthening tremor was fealt for as much as 5 leagues away.

The city and its installation were nearly destroyed by the creature single-handedly, however, when the Manticore was injured, it charged through a defensive line and escaped.

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