Manticore Brood Color

The Manticore Brood is part of the Dark Swarm's attack wing, and its ranks consist primarily of ground forces.

The Manticore Brood's faction color is orange.


The large Manticore Brood is employed using guerrilla tactics, emphasizing ferocity, speed, and surprise. Its forces are mostly made up of Lurkers, and Ultralisks, with Guardians for air support. Due to their lack of mobile anti-air defense, the minions of this Brood excel at hit and run raids that weaken their enemies' defensive formations, and are used in full-on assaults only when assisted by an aerial brood, such as the Wyvern Brood. Gaazi, the cunning Cerebrate of the Manticore Brood, delights in preemptive attacks, relying chiefly upon surprise to throw enemy forces into total chaos.

Special StrainsEdit

The Manticore Brood occasionally employs Manticores, a massive evolution of the Zerg Ultralisk, as shock troops to assault heavily defended locations of interest and run when greivously injured.


The Manticore Brood was first observed on the Fringe World of Khalim. Alongside the Basilisk Brood, Manticore Brood warriors were situated throughout the Nuumis Installation. The two Broods annihilated most of the planet's Protoss forces, however, the Alpha Centauri Squadron was able to battle its way through a weak point in the Dark Swarm's offensive and escape with minor losses.

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