The Marauder is a Terran anti-armor infantry unit.

After the Brood War, current technology was found to be inadequate to handle the more advanced Protoss and ever evolving Zerg. To compensate, newer models of powered armor were developed by each major Terran government.

Gradually, the Marauder phased out Firebats in Terran armies for their effectiveness against heavy armored forces.

Special abilities:

  • Stimpack - unit attack and movement speed increase by 50%
  • Concussive Shells - target enemy non-massive units speed decreases by 50%

Campaign UpgradesEdit

  • Charge Cluster - launches a special type of projectile that sticks to the ground before explodes in 2 seconds and deals explosive damage in an area of effect
  • EMP Grenades - fires grenades that do 80 damage to energy shielding
  • Irradiation Grenades - irradiates targets dealing 5 damage per second for 120 seconds
  • Fragmentation Grenades - deals +30 splash damage to light armored units


  • For more information see Marauder on the parent site

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