The Mastodon is a Terran battleship used during the Guild Wars.

Larger than most vessels at the time, it was used as both mobile command and capital ship in nearly every engagement. The Mastodon's heavy armor plating and point defense systems made it nearly impossible to attack with fighters and regular missiles. Its regular armament consisted of several autocannon batteries to provide air support fire, ship-to-ship combat, and point defense (Stargate: Railgun).

What made the ship terrifying was its on board Nuclear missile launching platform. Though officially used only as a last resort, some commanders have ignored such protocols and deployed nuclear strikes to deal with rebellious factions. Such disregard for life became one of the factors leading to bans on ship mounted nuclear weaponry.

Eventually, the development of more advanced Battlecruisers, Wraith fighters with cloaking devices, laser weaponry, and Yamato Cannons rendered Mastodon-class battleships obsolete. The only ones that still exist can only be found in museums or scrap yards in pieces.

Special abilities:

  • Nuclear Strike - deploys a nuclear missile dealing 500 damage or removes two-thirds of the target's total hit points, whichever is greater
  • Point Defense - attack becomes halved, but all missile attacks targeting the unit are intercepted. Does not work on laser or beam weapons
  • Reinforced Hull (upgrade) - unit gains +100 HPs and +3 armor

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