The Meat Thresher is a combat vehicle based off robo-harvesters and spider mine technology. It is mainly used by fringe world farmers and colonial milita who cannot afford more expensive militiary equipment.

Like robot-harvestors, the heavy vehicle is armed with sharp blades capable of easily grinding light armor and flamethrowers to burn a path through most forms of vegetation (Warcraft III: Meat Wagon). A miniature processing plant inside is used to reprocess whatever is caught into useable materials. This can be helpful for the Meat Thresher's second ability of constructing Scarecrows.

Some farmers equip their threshers with black market autocannons or makeshift harpoon guns that fire metal bars and pitchforks (United Artists: Jeepers Creepers 2).

Though highly contraversial, farmers often mark it off as essential farm equipment to scare away wildlife. Government officials reluctantly allow their use due to regulating funds and resources to more important issues.

Special abilities:

  • Reprocess (passive) - gains 50% worth of minerals and gas from units destroyed
  • Build Scarecrow - at the cost of 15 minerals unit constructs and deploys a Scarecrow mech

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