The Medic is a Terran infantry support trooper that is focused in healing allied biological units.

A medic is generally more heavily armored than a regular Marine and are sometimes equipped with combat shields for added protection from enemy attack. Whether or not a medic is armed with more offensive weaponry depends on whoever issues supplies. Often paired with small squads of infantry, the combination increases combat efficiency of ground forces by a significant degree.

In recent times, invasions from the Protoss and Zerg have made it clear Terran rules of war do not apply and anyone is a valid target. As such, some medics have been known to use their shields and armor saws as emergency weapons on the field. Others may even use built-in defibrillators as makeshift tasers to shock or stun enemies as large as Hydralisks (Starcraft Universe: Medic).

Special abilities:

  • Heal (autocast) - automatically heals friendly biological unit
  • Restoration - removes negative buffs from target friendly or allied unit
  • Optic Flare - blinds target unit and removes detection ability

Campaign UpgradesEdit

  • Armor Saw (passive) - gives unit +5 melee attack and increases healing by +2
  • Defibrillator (passive) - medic has +25% chance of reviving a friendly biological target. Unit can stun biological enemy unit for 15 seconds


  • For more information see Medic on the parent site.

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