The Meditation Pavilion is a Protoss structure used to focus psionic energy.

Each structure has several Khaydarin crystals incorporated within to help amplify psionic power. Used by all tribes, the Meditation pavilion is where the weakened and exhausted go to revitalize themselves. At least one high ranking psionic master is present in a pavilion to ensure that no one abuses its power. These masters often assist others in recovering strength within or demoralizing enemy forces trying to lay siege.

Field commanders sometimes use Meditation pavilions to energize allied forces in a way similar to a Nexus and Mothership making them go beyond normal limits in combat (Warcraft III: Priest; Star Wars: Battle mediation). By linking up with Pylons, users can boost allies by several factors.

Special abilities:

  • Khaydara Link - all allied and friendly units gain +30% attack damage and +2 armor. If plasma shields are present, enemy attacks are cut in half

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