The Medivac dropship is a Terran aerospace transport and medical support craft.

A recent addition after the Brood War, this vessel is designed to move troops in and out of combat situations as quickly as possible. Onboard medical systems are used to heal or stabilize wounded personnel. Some are even equipped with Auto-meds whenever casualty numbers become too high for Medics to keep up.

At least one compartment is reserved to hold emergency supplies to handle most medical emergencies. With the ever evolving Zerg biological weapons, a Medivac must always carry enough Antivenom to stabilize patients until more effective treatment can be acquired.

Special abilities:

  • Healing (autocast) - automatically heals friendly biological units below vessel
  • Ignite Afterburners - gains a boost in speed for 8 seconds

Campaign UpgradesEdit

  • Auto-med - heals and removes negative buffs from friendly biological units within
  • Emergency drop (passive) - if dropship is destroyed, all cargo and occupants are dropped onto the closest ground at the cost of 10 HPs per supply


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