The Mendicant is a ground support strain developed by the Scylla Brood to combat the infestors of the Swarm.

Overview Edit

The Mendicant is not one creature, but actually a community of many different purpose-specific creatures working together to form a fully functional conglomerate. The Mendicant uses these creatures to synthesize parasitic or symbiotic biochemicals. These biochemicals can be hazardous or helpful, resistant to the most effective anti-viral processes, and, paradoxically, dangerous to Zerg.

The Mendicant's body is host to countless small amoeboid organisms that live within its abdomen, producing the aforementioned biochemicals for the Mendicant's use. The Mendicant can spontaneously spray a number of these creatures in a highly viscous mist at a target area, after which the creatures upon contact with enemy units will begin to ensnare the target by tangling together in a similar manner to the clotting mechanism of platelets. These organisms are semi-intelligent, and therefore do not ensnare units recognized as "friendlies". In addition, Mendicants can cause these creatures to produce neurally inhibiting chemicals and hurl them at a target area, the liquids splashing in a dense vapor. The mist that results "neutralizes" anything it touches by seeping into the bloodstream/circuitry of the targets, sending confusing electrical signals throughout the entirety of the victim. This causes biological subjects to spasm uncontrollably, but simply causes electrical failure in most machine-based targets.

The Mendicant may use these organisms in a symbiotic fashion through an area-of-effect spray. The creatures penetrate the pores of the skin of the intended units and help regenerate the target through the use of super-clotting chemicals, and may convert themselves into skin cells, blood cells, or muscle cells, depending on what the subject needs at the moment, effectively restoring an ally's hit points by 95%. However, these creatures have a short life span, and expire in ten seconds, preventing them from healing the target indefinitely. Mendicants also have the ability to use these organisms to untaint infested units and structures, reinstating them under their original master's control respectively.

Like many Scylla ground units, the Mendicant can burrow. However, the Mendicant can move while burrowed, enabling it to travel underneath defensive structures and attack from within a base.

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